Lone Star Trail Day 4

1/18/2019, Friday

Day 4 is done! Another 18 mile day, although tonight we’re sleeping luxuriously in a little cabin in the town of Coldspring.

The day began with, as is no surprise to anyone, mud. And no small amount either. We had muddy conditions for the first 6 miles or so. The air was heavy with fog as well which added an interesting if gloomy atmosphere to the hike.

After our struggle against the mud we were greeted with many miles of road-walking until our final destination, the small town of Coldspring. Thankfully, my brother had already reserved one of the little cabins there so we had a strong goal to work towards.

Luckily most of the roads weren’t too highly trafficked so we were able to walk in relative safety. Still, the trail was preferable for it’s silence and soft ground. I had to take more ibuprofen then I probably should have to keep the pain in my feet from getting to me. Definitely getting new shoes after this, my current ones have seen enough action.

The roads did have some interesting sights which helped pass the time.

And of course it wouldn’t be East Texas without small churches and eerie cemeteries.

Finally, just as we were getting close to Coldspring it started to rain pretty decently. It was the first significant rain we’ve had this trip but we found shelter in our little cabin and there was much rejoicing.

I’d just like to say a word about the hospitality we’ve received here. The lady who owns the cabins has been beyond accommodating and even offered to take us to the trail. Additionally, we had outstanding service and just general friendliness from the little Italian restaurant we ate at, despite showing up dirty and probably a little smelly.

All said and done, it’s going to be hard to get moving again tomorrow but there’s only 22 miles to go so we’re ready!

More pictures:

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