PCT Day 0

As of writing this I am less than 24 hours from setting foot on the Pacific Crest Trail. After a year of planning, obsessing, training, and talking about the PCT non-stop to friends and family (thanks for putting up with it) I am just 1 day away from actually doing it. No more reading blogs and watching videos wishing I was there. Now I can be one of those out there actually experiencing it and adding my own thoughts through this blog. So thanks again for joining me on this journey.

Yesterday my Dad joked it was his fault that I’m doing this trail. He showed me this picture of young me hiking in the Guadalupe Mountains of west Texas.

I suppose it is my parents fault for introducing me to the outdoors at an early age. And I’m glad they did or else I wouldn’t be sitting on a 1 way flight to San Diego so I can hike 2650 miles across the country.

The trail is down there somewhere.

Update: Currently in San Diego staying with a couple of famous PCT “trail angels” – Scout and Frodo (a trail angel is just someone who helps out hikers). Every year they host hundreds of hikers in their own home the night before the hike which makes starting so much easier.

So far I’ve been having a great time just meeting other hikers from all over. In fact I think I’ve met more people from outside the country than actual US citizens (only like 5 of us)! It’s been awesome meeting people from all different walks of life gathered for the sole purpose of walking from Mexico to Canada.

Plus we got a PCT cake.

Tomorrow is day 1, so we’re all going to sleep early to get started at around 6:00 am. Stay tuned for the first on trail blog post!

2 thoughts on “PCT Day 0

  1. Right now, I’m the one reading PCT blogs, obsessing, and talking non-stop about hiking to Canada. You give me hope that I will one day be where you are now—starting my journey. I’m looking forward to following your travels! Thanks for sharing P.S. I think it’s funny that you’re wearing the same color shirt in the picture of you as a boy as you are wearing in your profile photo.


  2. I was really excited to get an email with your day 0 post! Good luck on your first day out there. I look forward to following along on your journey. Happy trails!
    -2020 PCT Hopeful, Jenna


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