Lone Star Trail Day 3

1/17/2019, Thursday

Day 3 finished, unfortunately you won’t see this one or day 2 until Friday evening (1/18/2018) since cell service had been non existent.

Today was definitely the hardest day, despite having overall easier terrain. We traded the mud for walking on the road which was nice. At first. The blister I formed yesterday became pretty agitated early on in the day and the extensive hard-packed road walking made for some painful miles. Thankfully the scenery was absolutely beautiful today. We passed by several farms, one of which had this horse with a sweet jacket.

Later in the day the clouds cleared and we had blue skys and sun for the first time on the hike.

In total we made it just over 18 miles today which put us at mile 56. Over halfway done! We’re excited since tomorrow we’ll be entering the town of Coldspring to stay the night at a neat little cabin. It’ll be a much needed opportunity to clean up, rest up, and dress our wounds. I’m hoping to take care of my blister for the final stretch of the trail.

Anyways, towards the end of today my morale was getting low because of the blister and pain in the arches of my feet but we luckily found a pretty decent campsite to settle in for the night.

After a meal of ramen, corn nuts, and dark chocolate, my spirits are raised and I’m ready for some much needed rest for our trek into town tomorrow.

More pictures (gross foot picture at the end, you have been warned):

All the the tape on my foot is there in a valiant but ultimately losing battle against blisters and hotspots caused by walking in water and mud for days. Bonus cuts from all the thorns on the side of the trail.

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